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Services & Fees

Consultations are by appointment only. The total time it takes for each individual to heal varies from person to person and depends on the current state and nature of the person's overall health.


Consultations/Sessions take place , by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp video chat, or by phone. Should you require an in-person visit, call for availability and associated fees. 

All communication with clients is strictly confidential.


Initial Consultation

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Homeopathic treatment takes into consideration the whole person.


In order to provide useful guidance, I must get to know each person and his/her history in depth.


I conduct an in-depth initial session (1.5-2 hours) and a check-in (15 minutes) by phone one week later.

Fee: $325.00 for the initial session and the 15-minute check-in by phone one week later

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Follow-Up Sessions 

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Follow-up sessions for chronic care are conducted based on a schedule discussed during your initial consultation.


These sessions last about 45 minutes.

Fee: $95.00 for the follow-up session. 

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Acute Condition Consultation

These visits are for existing clients only.


They cover acute, non-urgent care. These sessions last about 30 minutes.


Fee: $50.00 per acute session

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Immunization through Homeopathy: Homeoprophylaxis (HP)


This 60-minute session is for HP only and is not combined with any other consultation or session.


The cost of the session does NOT include the cost of the remedies.

Fee: $115.00

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